LinkedIn can use you or you can use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn can use you or you can use LinkedIn?

I am focused on helping my audience understand the difference and in so doing being on Purpose with their time on LinkedIn.

In my experience to date the truth about LinkedIn is this:
Trap #1 is: Thinking LinkedIn is designed for you: at best a few of us are part of the entertainment and almost all of us are just part of the Noise (LinkedIn is the biggest business networking event on the globe against the backdrop of the hunger games)

Trap #2: Too many of us spend most of our time on LinkedIn largely talking to ourselves

Trap #3 on LinkedIn is the temptation to loose yourself in the apparent ease with which you can reach so many instead of focusing on how effectively you can reach the few (The LinkedIn Lure)

Trap #4: Not everyone will like you or follow you or do business with you: in fact most people won’t. Are you okay with that?

I am not the right guy to work with if you are interested in accumulating
– Connections
– Views

We are focused on helping you find valuable clients and network connections based on our key strategy of focusing on Content, Conversations and Clients using #TheFOLLOWingStrategy

The essential actions you need to master for your success on LinkedIn are:
(1) Content: Develop your own high value content
(2) Targeted: Targeted to a specific audience which
(3) Share: You effectively share to
(4) Conversations; Encourage mutually beneficial conversations that allow you to
(5) Convert: Convert your audience into your customers / your connections


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