What to do when someone viewed your profile?

“Someone viewed my profile … what do I do now?”

The key here is don’t do anything: this is your best chance to start a conversation with someone who is part of your audience and they are interested so don’t lose this opportunity!

When a prospect walks through the door of a retail store they are interested and they are hoping that they will find something of interest in the store: that is the same as someone viewing your profile on LinkedIn.

The key question is: what are you going to do about it?

  • make them feel welcome i.e. don’t ignore them
  • make them feel valued i.e. don’t make them feel like their arrival/interest is a non-event for you
  • make every effort to engage them in a conversation so that you can better understand their interest
  • understand their interest may not be immediate or clear to them
  • the key is the conversation: if you cannot engage them in a conversation then there is a good chance nothing will come out of their visit

Question: How successful is following-up on Profile Views?

The average for our clients is 1 in 10 attempts to follow-up and start a conversation from a Profile View results in a response and a conversation.

The more high value and targeted your content the higher the conversion ratio of Profile Views to conversations. Its more likely the right audience for you will be viewing your profile for something that you offer / a conversation that you are well suited in having.

Question: What do the experts do when they send a follow-up?

The experts combine these key ingredients:

  • ask your audience member if they would like to have a conversation with you about a specific topic (a topic that is your key focus): As an example “Good morning John, would you like to have a quick conversation about how to achieve greater impact faster as a non-profit?”
  • by asking them you are also checking their interest level (maybe it isn’t immediate)
  • offer to have a quick call with them (fifteen minutes seems to be the optimum length of these calls)
  • you could offer a call via mobile or video? (use #Zoom? there is a free version of Zoom to conduct the video call)
  • offer them a list of available times to call (use #Calendly ? there is a free version of Calendly)

If you don’t ask you won’t know

How would will you know if you can help someone (that is: if they want to take advantage of what you offer), if you don’t ask them? The answer is: You won’t.

Not everyone you ask is interested in what you have to offer but if you don’t ask anyone then there is a great chance that no one will be interested.

Then where does that leave you?

When someone views your profile – isn’t that the ideal opportunity to reach out and see if you can help?

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Take Action:

(1) Refine your clarity on who your target audience is

(2) Make sure your content and posts align with what audience is interested in

(3) Make sure your content is high-value (useful)

(4) and keep refining your definition of your audience and the value of your content as you get more feedback from your audience

Side note 1: One of the advantages of LinkedIn Premium (as opposed to the free version of LinkedIn) is that you can see the full history of who has viewed your profile

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