The key benefits of building your own Network

What are the key benefits to building your own network:

  • some are more obvious than others
  • some are easier to achieve than others

Want to be efficient in building a network that is strong and has longevity ? Make sure you are clear as your overall purpose (which benefits you are seeking) and the purpose for you (and for them) of each connection you add

Which benefits are top of your list ?

1 – win More business / discover career Opportunities and find the best ones for you

2 – receive high Quality Feedback from trusted sources

3 – access to Business Advice on issues / challenges

4 – access to more / new business leadership Resources

5 – discover new business leadership Ideas

6 – be introduced to Other Connections and networks

7 – learn new business leadership Skills

8 – source of Mentors to help accelerate your business leadership growth

9 – source of Sponsors who will recommend you

10 – opportunity to learn by Mentoring Others

Side note 1: most connections require multiple (more than 5 and less 10) “conversations” – to create a really valuable connections – for you and for them

Side note 2: most of the “friends” I have on Facebook and “connections” I have would not include on the list above

Side note 3: if you haven’t meet someone in person (or on Video / Zoom) could they be on the list above ?

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