How do you Boost Your LinkedIn by 300% ?

What can you do to boost your LinkedIn ?

This QuickGuidez summarizes the essential 10 steps to achieve this marketing success and more. Start here:

The essence of LinkedIn is to effectively share your own high value content targeted to a specific audience to encourage mutually beneficial conversations.

This creates the opportunity of converting your audience into your customers / connections.

Profile Views on LinkedIn are the key to boost your LinkedIn, because they are the same as inquiry phone calls, web site queries, or people into your store.

They all say “I am interested”.

The more people you who view your profile the more chances you should start a conversation with someone who can convert them into a prospect and eventually into a happy customer.

You could simply ask them to become your customers ?

Here is a simple view on the challenge of asking someone to be your customer: Consider this scenario

  • If you are in your CBD of your city and you pretended to be a tourist and you ask ten people for directions to the city botanical gardens how many people would help you ? Most of them … right ?
  • now flip the example: if you go up to ten people and start a conversation by saying “I can help you. I can give you the magic answers that you are looking for in business …” how many of them would even stop to hear the second part of your sentence ? not many … !

So if you cant “ask” them to be your customers, what can you do ?

If you can get them to be interested in talking to you then maybe, just maybe you could develop that conversation over time into a closer relationship and eventually into a relationship of trust where they will see you as a trusted resource and want to buy what you are offering.

This is the 10 point action plan that we used to increase a clients visibility, engagement and traffic 300% on LinkedIn in three months

Your Purpose: Preparation

Start with purpose: In preparation complete these two steps

(1) Purpose / Target: Have a clear definition of your purpose on LinkedIn (what are you looking for ? what kind of opportunities ?) from which target market / profile

(2) Your brand: Understand the journey that your ideal client is on, like the barriers they have to overcome to be successful and what solution you provider – and why you are the best person to deliver the solution

Your Engagement: Execution

Next: To boost your LinkedIn, share high-value content effectively with your audience

(3) Create content that sizzles in value: That talks to your specific audience, their journey, their problems, the solutions they need. This key ingredient to success takes the time to listen to your audience so that you fully understand certain aspects and can communicate your expertise here clearly.

Remember: you are The Expert

(4) Share your content effectively: When you post in your newsfeed and in groups or when you send articles to specific contacts. (Special note: learn how to use #hashtags to reach your audience)

Side Notes to Boost Your LinkedIn

Side Note 1: When you publish your article send a copy of it to selected connections that you know will give you valuable feedback. Start by sending them to one connection, then build to ten connections that you send your articles to and then keep going as you build your “tribe”.

Nurturing Your Tribe: Follow-Up

Finally: engage in the conversations that will help you convert your audience to your customers.

(5) Make valuable connections: Send connection requests to people you meet and to those that were introduced to by others. Respond to those who want to connect with you. Encourage others to become Followers.

(6) Engage with your connections: In your connections: now that you made the connection go and look on their profile and engage (a) read an article that looks interested and LIKE and COMMENT – and their.

(7) Respond to notifications: You will get a constant stream of notifications – birthday, new roles, started studying, finished studying- these are about your follower / connections / your tribe and they are generally important events for your tribe. So show some interest (you want them to be interested in you dont you ?).

(8) Respond to Engagements LIKE and COMMENTs: where someone LIKEs or COMMENTs on your post / article / your comment: send a message and say thank you. You would say that in a real-life networking event.

It’s polite and a good conversation starter. Plus if you says nothing (don’t send a message) than almost certainly nothing will happen.

(9) Events: Running your own events is an ideal way for you to deliver your expertise to a targeted online (Zoom ?) and in-person audience and it raises connections awareness of you as an expert.

(10) Profile Views: Send a message when someone views your profile inviting them to chat / Zoom ? (a “would you like to know more” message: Good morning John, would you like to have a quick Zoom conversation and share some ideas).

Side Notes to Boost Your LinkedIn

Side Note 2: In broad terms, this checklist could be adapted slightly and applied to other social media platforms as well.

Now the real question is what you do with that interest: the conversion of that interest into connections, clients, sponsors and more business success for you.


What do you do when you get a message like this:

“Hi Paul, I’m very interested in what you do, and you’re clearly very successful at it, congratulations! I find myself having some difficulty expressing my strengths and articulating the value I have to offer.

I’m interested to know how we could engage to enhance my brand and solidify my image in the marketing place”.

This is where you have a chance for a conversation to create a customer.

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Side note 3: the plan above includes elements of Seth Godin magic “Permission Marketing” Model which is a marketing read I highly recommend. Your marketing messages should be anticipated, relevant and personalized (not constant interruptions).

Side note 4

To more effectively view and take advantage of your profile views you need to be using the Premium (paid) version of LinkedIn.

We usually suggest you first try the free version of Premium (from week 9 to 12 of the 90-day program) to see the full benefit. (Realigned Your Brand and Revalued Your Content).

When you reach 10 plus profile views a day from effectively sharing your high-value content, your conversation is up and your conversion rate is up. This results in enough new customers to make all of your efforts worthwhile.

Boost your LinkedIn

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