Boost Your LinkedIn 2020

Do you want to find more of the opportunities you want on LinkedIn ?

Then this program is for you: Boost Your LinkedIn 2020 Program (BYL)

The Boost Your LinkedIn program is designed to help you cement the foundation of your use of the essence of LinkedIn to create the possibility of even greater benefits to you and your business / network in the future.

You can follow this program at your pace in a self learning approach, or join our support group or join one of our high-intensity program groups: you choose.

Program Overview

This article provides an overview of the program. It is designed as a QuickGuidez: a quick read that contains steps you can implement now for immediate benefits.

There are four key components to the program as follows:

(1)   Refocus your Brand
  • Understand the NAS Model (NAS = Next Add Stop)
  • ReFocus the Quick view of your profile: Your headline, your profile banner image, the first two lines of your About section
  • Update the full details of your profile
(2)   ReValue your Content
  • Understand the Basics of The Expert model
  • Design your content based on your audience
  • Learn how to share your content effectively
(3)   ReNurture your Tribe
  • learn when and how to Engage with your audience
  • learn when and how to Respond to your audience
(4)   Convert Your audience
  • Grow your connection
  • Conversations with your audience that lead to Video calls
  • Convert your audience / connections to your Customers /

The essence of LinkedIn is effectively sharing your own high value content targeted to a specific audience to encourage mutually beneficial conversations that create the opportunity of converting your audience into your customers / connections

For even more specific steps you can take right now to take your LinkedIn to the next level follow here: Boost Your LinkedIn.

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