What if you have multiple target audiences?

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“If you have multiple target audiences, is it ok to write specifically to each, or just choose one?”

Multiple Target Audience

The more different audiences (brands ?) you try to focus on the more you tend to dilute / confuse your message. The more you dilute your message the less likely your audience will read it and act.

If you have a specific target audience in mind (the more precise your definition the better) then the more refined your content and connections will be:

  1. you will be more familiar with the journey your audience is on
  2. you will know the challenges they are / they will face
  3. the words they use to describe themselves / their journey / their challenges
  4. you will know where to find them
  5. and you can customise your message to resonate with them more effectively

The essence of LinkedIn is to share your own high-value content targeted to a specific audience.

It also encourages mutually-beneficial conversations that can create the opportunity of converting your audience into your customers.

How hum … what is the point ?

If you have multiple target audiences in mind (or even variations of the same audience) then you can use certain mechanisms to separate your content / messages.

That way you can reach those multiple audiences separately through focused pages (blogs) and hashtags to separate the content and engagement.

As an example I have multiple audiences I engage with from Toastmasters to Networking and from Aspiring Executives to Rotary. If you had connected with me from one of these – you would have to find my pages (blogs) on each of those themes.

Your content attracts your audience to connect with you and do business.

Side note 1

The more audiences you have the more you dilute your impact then it’s exponential in its impact.

For example, if you just focused your IT Business Systems offering on one sector (Agriculture ? or even Fruit Farmers) you would increase your impact and success versus focusing on Small Business (of which there are hundreds of thousands.

Take Action

1. For each piece of content, you publish be clear which audience this is focused on and tell them in the title / opening paragraph.

2. Time to open a ShowCase Page to focus on a specific segment of your audience ?

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